The Hatter Squared (dreamsofscarlet) wrote,
The Hatter Squared

Huzzah for drama convention! It was very mellow this year, and I really enjoyed that.

Oh and yeah. Jeff called me while I was up there. That boy does amuse me something fierce. Oh, speaking of little wars people, I just realized that they all know the hippies I know who know the Jews who know the... well, the list can go on and on and completely make many a circle. The point is, everyone I have hung out with in the past three years somehow knows one another. wft. I mean hugely different groups of friends. Weird. All of them are equally great to hang out with, but damn. I thought my world was connected already.

Oh, and I saw josh s. for the first time in a few years today. How random. 've did say he was coming, but meh. Random.

And I think I sent ten text messeges to people I dont talk to very often today. Note: Dont stick me outside by myself in a pensive mood. I get all nostalgic.
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