The Hatter Squared (dreamsofscarlet) wrote,
The Hatter Squared

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Five Weird Habits/ Things about me...

1) If something is beeping, or swinging back and forth, I count to three with the beeping or the swinging to get the rhythm before doing whatever action on the fourth beep and whatnot.

2) I have been known to talk like a drunken pirate at random points in the day, and make it seem perfectly natural.

3) I judge a male's worth on how interesting his hands look. Silly, I know.

4) After falling in love with a cd or piece of music, I listen to it untill I know, by heart, every little nuance of the piece. If that makes sense.

5) my bracelets must be near the same diameter on both wrists or no jewelry shall be worn. Symmetry on my wrists is required at all times.

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