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I have a feeling that this night will be slightly laced with insomina. Drat.

The whole programming my number into the phone of the Jeff worked very well. This came as something of a suprise, really.

My life is turning out to be quite the occurance of random events, and that is pretty cool. Im meeting more and more people, which is something i vastly enjoy in small doses.

Drama convention is this weekend! Cant wait! Rooming with three of the coolest people ever: Murphs, Cat, and the Buhler is making a return apperence. Hot diggity. And I cant wait to see and hang out with some people from BRHS. I love drama.

And Charles, I am very envious of your con-filled weekend!You must take to one next year. Please? I'm fun to road trip with, I swear!

I might have just dug a hole for that one.

This is all going on, yet somehow, Im sitting here, waiting for the bottom to drop out.
Hopefully Im taking enough steps to prevent that from happening.
I truly hate loose ends.
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