The Hatter Squared (dreamsofscarlet) wrote,
The Hatter Squared

"And she cried, 'Freedom!'"

I very mucly dislike those who insult my intelligence. They confuse my blatant apathy with ignorance, even after I have clearly proved otherwise. This is a quite irk-some matter that I take to heart. Be forwarned; it provokes violence.

And on another note, I find myself looking too deeply into something I'm not sure if I should. Should I expect more than I'm letting on? For some reason I only forsee dissapointment. I just unsure about a lot of things, and I (and most of you) know how many things I done that have been stupid and letting myself dove head first into something again might prove to have equally dissapointing results. That doesn't mean I won't enjoy being an idiot. But then there is the possibility that I'm just being unduely cynical and pessimistic and as long as I know where I stand in everything...I guess my sanity will remain intact.

Its the whole letting go thing.

It just doesn't happen.

Yes, I know these are vague, blanket statements. Just deal with them, for my own sanity, which is getting more and more questionable as time inebitably progresses.
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